Monday, January 6, 2014

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Today I am going to show you how to make a beautiful homemade card.
I have always loved making cards, they are so fun. I picked the line, "Its the most wonderful time of the year" for this card, because Christmas definitely is the most wonderful time of the year! Pick any line for this card, it doesn't even have to be a Christmas card.

First, what you'll need is scissors, a pencil, normal sized white card-stock, a pencil,and a size 01 archival ink 0.25mm line pen.

1. Cut 5 inches off of one side of the white card stock and fold that in half.
Next, cut 1 inch off of that.

It should look like this (above).(Its folded in half)

2. Now you are going to brainstorm some ideas for your words.
the small words like "the" or "of" don't have to be big and fancy, otherwise the whole thing will look to busy. Just make them small and pretty. You're big, important words will look fancy. For my "most" I made the "o" a cookie, and when I actually put it on the card, I tucked a little glass full of milk behind it. You can always change things, that is until you get to the inking part, and if you don't like it then, you can start all over again! So for this step, just use a normal piece of printing paper and sketch the words in you're line, and add you're details.

If you want to put some pictures inside of some of your letters you need a really good sharpened pencil, because they have to be small!

3. After you make you're words, you are going to have to find a way to put them all together, so for this step you are going to make some thumbnails. Just roughly sketch some squares about the size of you're card on printing paper, grab all of your words, and sketch! 

4. Once you've got the idea of what you're card is going to look like, you can start putting the words on you're actual card. Use a ruler to mark the space, in which you are going to write you're words, so that when you do, they will look neat and lined up, not all over the place. You can start writing!

5. For you're bigger words, you are going to need bigger spaces, so don't make them to small. 

6. If one word is curved, then the small words that are under it can also be curved. It gives a nice affect, and and peoples eyes won't be searching through different shapes of words to find the actual sentence.

Here is my milk and cookie!

For the snowman inside my "o" in "Wonderful" I didn't make him to fancy, otherwise people won't see the actual letter. 

for the "u" I put a house, and when I colour it, the window will be yellow.

7. Make sure you're words aren't to close together, and if they are, fix it so that they are properly placed.

8. And don't make your words to huge either! :)

9. Its time to start inking! We won't erase the guidelines until we are finished this, because we don't want to erase any letters. Be careful when you are doing this to not be to shaky, as you can see that I was.

Take a break every now and then to stop shaking!
(my hand was getting really shaky)

10. Once you are done with the pen, take an eraser and erase all of your guidelines from before. 


Remember to ink in your house, but don't ink the window because we will be painting it yellow 

You can draw little snow flakes around the card if you want, but don't ink them 

11. For the inside of the card, make four lines,with a ruler, to hold the words you would like to say for example: Merry Christmas! 

12. Its time to paint! I will just use Acrylics, because they will show up better, but water colours will work just fine too.  

Use the tiniest brush you have because those words are small!

put your paint on a pallet. (I just used a plastic muffin tin that you get from Safeway when you buy gluten free muffins.) 

remember: nothing will be perfect

Remember to paint inside the card, and don't close it till its dry! 

YAY! Done! Great job!

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